How to Prepare CBD Cat Treats with Hemp Flower?

CBD has proved its medical potential not only for humans, but also for cats as well. Due to its lower amount of THC (less than 0.3 percent), it can safely be used for dogs and cats they can ingest it without any worries. In case of cats, it reduces vomiting, nausea allowing them to take their medication properly. Also, it enhances their mood.

Where you can get safe and good quality CBD products?

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How can you prepare CBD Cat treats?

There are no scientific studies regarding the use of CBD products with cats, but from the reports and experience of the veterinarian and cat owners, CBD treats appear to be safe and effective in case of cats. So, let’s have a look at the process through which you can make DIY cat treats from CBD flowers:

  • Choose a good quality flower strain

There are various types of hemp strains present in nature like Sativa and Indica with different impacts. Hence choose one carefully according to your purpose. In case, you are confused take advice from CBD expert or you can choose hybrids like Sour Gummi.

  • Prepare the CBD coconut oil

After choosing a good strain of hemp seed oil, prepare a CBD mixed coconut oil, which further will be added to the cat treat. Here are the steps to make CBD mixed coconut oil:

  1. Place the hemp flower in the oven over a cookie foil at 250 degrees for nearly 30-45 minutes. So that the hemp gets decarboxylated.
  2. Boil half water in a double boiler with the stove on low. Then add one cup of coconut to it.
  3. After it melts add the decarboxylated hemp to it.
  4. Mix and stew both the component for 30-60 min at a temperature of below 200 degrees.
  5. Then filter the mixture using cheesecloth and store the filtrate.
  • Mixed the cat treat with other ingredients:

To enhance the taste of the cat, treat and make it delicious for your cat, you can combine the DIY cat treat with other ingredients such as cheese, yogurt, etc. you can also add a teaspoon of goat milk to enhance its quality.

  • Feed your cat with the treat

After complete preparation of the cat treats allow it to cool for some time after which feed them to your cat. You can feed them 1-2 treats after which you can store them in a closed container for the next time. Additionally, don’t forget to observe the behaviour and effects of the cat after consumption of the treat.


With the help of CBD treats you can keep your cat healthy and also make them relieve of various situations like anxiety, nausea, etc.

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