Pros and Cons of Prefilled Cartridge and Vaporizing Dry Herbs

Cannabis can be consumed in several ways. The most convenient and easy way is to use a vape pen. You can purchase them from the local or online dispensaries. You will find them in a variety of models like some being disposable, while a few need cartridge replacement and quick charge.

Cannabis oil vape pen and prefilled carts has become a popular item with a significant increase in sales last year. You can buy these CBD products from a branded platform like

What’s a vape pen?

A vape pen device heats the cartridge or tank to generate vapor. They are battery-powered devices, cylindrical and fits in your pocket. With a vape pen, you can attach a prefilled CBD cartridge or use dry flowers. The vaping device needs regular maintenance and is not cheap.

What is a prefilled CBD cartridge?

The cartridge is filled with CBD liquid. As they are 510 threaded, you can attach them to any type of vape pen designed to accept that connection. CBD cartridge cannot be refilled. It needs to be disposed of. The difference between disposable pen and CBD cartridge is the former does not need a separate vape pen to power it. The disposable pen has a cartridge and battery incorporated in it.


  • Cartridges can be attached to a variety of devices including the models featuring preheat mode and variable voltage control.
  • Portable and discreet.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Easily accessible.
  • No need for a grinder, stash box, etc.
  • Releases muted smell in comparison to pipes and joints.
  • Available in different flavors ranging from fruity to dessert blends.


  • You cannot reuse or refill CBD carts.
  • It needs regular recharging.
  • It may last a few days or even a month, depending on your puffing style and frequency.
  • It adds to the landfill because cartridges are produced from metal and plastic, which are not reusable.
  • Due to demand and non-regulation, counterfeit brands of CBD cartridges with compromised quality have damaged the user’s health.

However, all the cartridges are not bad. There are reputable brands committed to offering pure products sourced from organic hemp cultivators. Research the brands and buy from a licensed dispensary.

What is vaporizing dry herbs?

You will need a dry herb attachment for the regular vape pens with a push button. For a better experience, use a dedicated portable weed vaporizer or pen that will not combust your stash. It means the dried herb gets heated to a specific temperature suitable to decarboxylate CBDa to active CBD and THCa to THC. It does not burn the weeds.


  • You get all the healing benefits from cannabis without any solvents, pesticides, additives, or combustibles.
  • Ground dry herbs can be blended with different strains to experience the desired effect of CBD and THC.
  • With a portable vaporizer, you can enjoy intense high but needs to be filled a couple of times than the desktop model.


  • It needs a good grinder or the vaporizer will be unable to efficiently extract essential terpenes and cannabinoids.
  •  It needs regular recharging.
  • There is a learning curve like how to properly vape, adjust settings, proper inhaling practice, etc.
  • As the cannabis industry is not regulated, there are many poor-quality herbs and flowers available, so wisely choose the retailer or supplier.

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