Why Should You Grow an Organic Garden?

It is certainly a win-win situation for you by relying on any environmentally friendly way of gardening. You will get delicious and chemical-free food, and can respect Mother Nature that she deserves.

There are plenty of benefits of organic gardening. It will be totally chemical-free, which is also better for our environment, and besides you as well as your family will have peace of mind knowing that all the delicious food that you are eating is natural.

Besides, raising delicious food, your organic gardening will also save you money, time and even water. Let us see in detail about various benefits that your organic garden supply store can offer you.

1. Taste

It is guaranteed that whatever you will pluck from your organic garden will taste much better than vegetable or fruit that you buy from a store. Your homegrown vegetable may not be of uniform size and color, but you will get a better flavor.

2. Health

Since organic gardening will be free from chemical fertilizer and pesticides and no spraying, spreading or touching. Also, reduced number of nitrates in your food will offer you many health benefits that you were deprived from market vegetables.

3. Money

You can also save your money by planting organic vegetable garden of your own. Purchasing organic produce from farmers markets or health food stores will cost almost 50% or more, you get from regular supermarket.

4. Spiritual

By being in your garden will bring you closer to nature. Also, by working in your soil and daily watching your garden grow will make you feel that you are part of something much bigger or meditative.

5. Soil health can be maintained and improved

If you take a teaspoon of any healthy soil then it will contain:

  • 2 billion of beneficial bacteria
  • 100 to 100,000 protozoa
  • Fungal hyphae of 40 miles
  • 5 to 500 beneficial nematodes
  • Microarthropods, centipedes, millipedes and earthworms

By using chemical fertilizer, you will destroy all these.

6. Free of poisons

When vegetables are grown in your own garden, you are sure to eat them. There is no chance of any chemicals present in them, which can be poisonous too.

7. Environment

As you will avoid using any chemical pesticides in your own organic garden, hence they will not be damaging to the environment. Organic gardeners will continually build up their soil by using organic matter.

8. Helps to remain connected with earth

By having your own garden in your backyard, you will feel more connected to mother earth.

9. Ensure that you are not eating GM food

Most of the genetically modified foods are hybridized varieties of various plants that were bred to have few characteristics. Their DNA is often mixed up in between actual species, which can never be a natural food.

10. Benefits for larger ecosystem

Your healthy organic garden will be by nature a very diverse place, which is filled not only just with vegetables, but also flowers, insects, birds, amphibians, butterflies and bees.

It will be safer to harbor such living things, and remain in balance with nature.

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