How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System If You Just Vape?

If you’re perhaps soon facing a drug test at work, or for legal matters, or heck, maybe from your parents, then let me just say first of all that no matter how often or how you consume your cannabis, you have some hope of passing the test. The intricacy and effort required for your game plan will vary depending on a few factors, but there is hope. If you were hoping that because you only vape you might not have to worry as much, I’m sorry to burst that bubble, but it doesn’t make a difference. A very infrequent vaping habit might result in fewer traces of THC metabolites compared to an equally infrequent smoking habit, but if it’s at least a daily habit the accumulation occurs more or less at the same rate. So how long does weed stay in your system? Let’s go over all the factors in that question.


As mentioned before, the frequency of whatever your cannabis habits are heavily tied with how long that weed will stay in your system. Since THC binds to the fat molecules of your body, it can stay there for a while and accumulate quite a bit. Smoking once a week only requires about two weeks of abstinence to most likely pass a drug test, whereas if you smoke every day you could require a full month or even possibly two to be in the clear.


Human bodies are essentially extremely complex machines with unique data sets we like to call DNA that influence various functions of it in countless ways. It’s impossible to know how long exactly weed will stay in your system because there are just so many unknown factors when it comes to the human genome.

    Fat Content

Like I mentioned before, THC is stored in your body’s fat cells so, the more fat in your body the longer it will take for THC and its metabolites to be expelled entirely.

    Strains You Smoke

There are so many strains of cannabis and there’s a whole vast universe of cannabinoids and terpenes that show up in different amounts within different strains. As one might suspect, if you smoke almost exclusively high THC strains, you might need a slightly longer break from the herb if you usually smoke mellow, low THC and high CBD strains for medical purposes.

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