Best Vaporizer Temperatures For Different Highs

Vaporizers for cannabis consumption took the world by storm less than a decade ago. Before that, they were generally used in a medical context, and even that was uncommon due to the fact that medical use of marijuana was hardly considered viable anywhere in the world. Fast forward a few more years and more and more people were gaining the right to medicate themselves legally. There also came some pretty huge developments in technology which allowed some companies to fit vaporizing technology into smaller and smaller formats, until they were portable to the point of resembling pens. These days, some of the best vaporizer brands even offer their customers the ability to precisely control the temperature of their vape throughout each session down to a single degree. What may seem like a pretty simple feature to people who aren’t aware of how vaporizing works, but it actually allows for an unprecedented level of personalization in the cannabis experience. There’s a huge variety of strains, and within that variety is an even vaster sea of different cannabinoids and terpenes which all have different effects when interacting with each other in different ratios and truthfully modern science hasn’t even scratched the surface of understanding how this all works. Until then, it’s up to users to experiment to see what works best for them and their needs. So here’s a very brief and general guide of the best vaporizer temperature starting points for certain highs.

    310 Degrees Fahrenheit: This is if you’re looking for no high at all really. THC doesn’t turn to vapor until 315 degrees, but there is THC-A and CBD-A being vaporized and a handful of terpenes which vaporize at this temperature, which can have medicinal effects.

    320 Degrees: Caryophyllene turns to vapor at this temperature, which is a terpene known widely as an anti-septic, -bacterial, -fungal, and -inflammatory. You can get some comforting relief from various symptoms without getting too stoned at this temp.

    350 Degrees: At this point you’re getting a handful of terpenes and cannabinoids, including myrcene which increases THC uptake, meaning you’re gonna start getting a pretty intense high soon after a 350 degree session.

    365 Degrees: Now you’re throwing in CBD and CBN to the mix which will make your bud start doing some serious work as a painkiller.

    428 Degrees: This is to get every last molecule out of your herb without combusting it. Combustion occurs at 451, but there are no other cannabinoids or terpenes to be gained from anything higher than 428.

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