Be a Smart Buyer and Research your Options Carefully Before Purchasing CBD Oil

CBD oil is creating a lot of hype amongst customers. If you browse the internet, you might come across various articles and advertisements showcasing the use of CBD oil to cure a number of ailments. You need to spend some time and effort in searching for the right product.

How is CBD Oil Derived?

Many people often get confused between THC and CBD oil. Both are derived from cannabis plant, but that is where the similarities end. THC is known to have a psychoactive effect that gives a ‘high’ feeling to people who consume it. This effect cannot be seen in CBD oil.

CBD oil is available in the form of powder and oil and needs to be mixed with gels and creams and applied to the skin. This can also be taken in the oral form. When used in the right dosage, it can help to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and treat symptoms associated with cancer, sclerosis and diabetes.

When it comes to CBD Vape Oil, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. A golden rule of thumb is to check the quality and the concentration of the product. Too much or too little of the oil concentration in the product might not give you the desired results.

Criteria While Looking for CBD Oil

First and foremost, before you begin your hunt for the right CBD oil, you need to discuss all possible options with your doctor. If you are pregnant and nursing, then CBD oil is not recommended for you.

Some of the factors that you might want to take into consideration when looking for CBD oil includes:

  • Checking the concentration of the CBD oil – The right level should be between 250 to 1000mg
  •  Understanding the extraction process –  Pure CBD oil is extracted by CO2 extraction method and without adding any harsh solvents
  • Checking THC level in the CBD oil – the percentage of THC is CBD oil should be 0 to 0.03%
  • Checking if the product has been tested at accredited laboratories

If you are new to purchasing CBD oil, then it is easier to get swayed by claims made by manufacturers. They will be so convincing when you read the advertisements, that you can easily get duped into buying the product.

Buyer Beware

Now that you know what to look for in CBD oil products, the next step is to look for credible manufacturers of these products. Some of the checks that you might need to look out for include:

  • Check out reviews and ratings of the manufacture to understand their credibility
  • Contact the manufacturer and ask questions and see how promptly they address your query
  • A credible manufacturer will never have a hidden agenda
  • They will be completely transparent and explain to you all details about the product
  • Check for the legality of the CBD oil before purchasing them
  • Look into the medical accreditations given by FDA


Going in for high quality CBD oil might prove to be a bit expensive on your pocket. You might even want to check the price range of CBD oil before purchasing them.

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