Are Hemp And Cannabis CBD Oil Same? What Is The Difference?

Marijuana and hemp belong to cannabis category. Both possess CBD content but the oil extracted from them has different properties. What’s the difference between Hemp CBD oil and Cannabis CBD oil? However, first understand what CBD oil is.

CBD oil is generally an extract including cannabidiol, which offers potent therapeutic effect. Oil potency differs between products and even manufacturers. Main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants are THC and CBD. THC is the reason that creates the ‘high’ but CBD is not. In fact, CBD lessens the high triggered by THC.

Hemp based CBD vape oil is legal in majority of states in the US but patients will need medical card or prescription to get it from licensed dispensaries. CBD products are made available in variety of forms and different THC to CBD ratios for medical use. Marijuana cardholders can buy 2 parts of THC to 1 part of CBD or in 1:1 or 20:1 ratios making it an incredible option for patients in need of cannabidiol benefits.

For millennia cannabis has been applied for medical and recreational use. However, FDA has given approval to buy hemp-derived CBD products. It is actually regulated as ‘dietary supplement’.

What health issues can be treated with CBD oil?

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • MS
  • Mental trauma
  • PTSD
  • Epilepsy
  • And more

Hemp CBD oil versus cannabis CBD oil

Both belong to cannabis family but the main difference is in its chemical structure. THC is main difference, which is available in high ratios within marijuana plants but in very low ratios in hemp plant. In addition, both possess beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids.

In general, marijuana is grown for its THC, so as to create the high. On the other hand, hemp is used in industries for its fibers. The stalk has strong and durable fibers, which are applied in paper, textiles, food, and cosmetic sector. It is also used as building material for plastics and detergents.

Oils extracted from hemp has good level of healing cannabidiol but the THC percentage is low or non-existent. Choosing hem-based CBD oil means reaping benefits without THC high risk. Nearly, everyone can use CBD hemp oil. Seniors suffering from Alzheimers or kids experiencing epilepsy can choose CBD hemp oil because it is safe treatment method.

Where to buy high quality CBD products?

Internet has made it possible to purchase CBD products conveniently from home or on the go. As there are no labeling regulations regarding hemp based CBD products, they say ‘organic’ or ‘pure CBD’ or ‘natural’ without the necessity to prove. This can be a huge concern for health reasons. You don’t know what you are ingesting in your body.

Therefore make sure to choose a licensed hemp growing company offering premium graded hemp products. Just check the FDA list, which includes companies they issues letters to regarding their product standards. It ensures that you are not buying from questionable suppliers.

Obviously, CBD is safe but simultaneously its quality needs to be good to obtain a better therapeutic benefits. Discuss its usage clearly with your physicians because the numbers of doctors supporting CBD usage are increasing.

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